Importing into BaseElements

Once you've generated your Database Design Report, you then need to import it into BaseElements. You can now close your solution files.

Open BaseElements and go to the Home screen. On the top left side of the Home layout is the import button.

Click this button, and then select the "Summary.xml" file you generated when you created the DDR. This file will be called something else if you're using a different language version of FileMaker.

BaseElements will show you a progress dialog for the import. Large DDRs ( could be anything from 500MB and up ) will take time to import. Because the XSLT transform happens in the plugin if you have a large DDR it can at times appear that FileMaker is locked up. Leave it running, and any issues that happen will be shown via a dialog. 

Once the import is complete, it will return to the UI file, showing the details of your just imported solution.

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