BaseElements is always built using the latest version of FileMaker Pro. So the requirements for using BaseElements are always based on the requirements of the current version of FileMaker Pro.

  BaseElements Version 

  Minimum FMP version required

  BaseElements Runtime Version       Minimum DDR Version     Maximum DDR Version  
1.0 8 8 7 8
1.5 8 9 7 9
2.0 9 9 7 9
2.5 9 10 7 10
3.0 11 11 7 11
3.5 11 11 7 12
4.0 12 12 7 12
4.5 12 13 7 13
4.6 12 14 7 15
15 14 15 7 15
16 14 16 7 16
17 17 17 7 17


Database Design Report

Firstly you will need a copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced to generate the Database Design Report. At a minimum this will need to be FileMaker Pro Advanced 7 or later. BaseElements won't import a DDR from version 6 or earlier.

Use whatever version of the FMPA that you're using to develop the files in, it doesn't need to be the latest version of FMPA or match the version of BaseElements, as long as it is late enough to cover all of the features you've used in your solution. ( In other words don't develop your solution using FMP 10 with v10 only features but run the DDR with 7, your v10 features won't be included in the report. )

BaseElements Versions

Once you've generated the DDR report you no longer need FMPA to run BaseElements. You can choose between the runtime application which is a standalone application and fmp12 or fmp7 files which require a copy of FMP or FMPA to run.  If you can run the latest version of BaseElements then we suggest you do that, so you need to find out the requirements for that version of FileMaker Pro.

Runtime Requirements

The BaseElements runtime will usually be generated with the current release of FMPA, so the requirements for the runtime are the same as for that version of FMP.

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